Common Myths Associated With Apartment Hunting With A Large-Breed Dog

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Whether you've got a Great Dane or a Bull Mastiff, you may have already discounted the idea of searching for that three-bedroom apartment you need. The fact is, owning a large-breed dog can oftentimes change what rentals are open to you. Many apartment owners do not allow large-breed dogs. However, there are also quite a few myths associated with searching for an apartment when you own a large dog. Take a look at a few of the most common myths about large-dog ownership and searching for an apartment. 

Myth: Apartment rentals are not at all possible with a large-breed canine. 

It is wholly possible to rent an apartment even if you do have a larger canine. Many apartments for rent will come with restrictions like only allowing pets under a certain weight or height. However, you will also find some elite properties that have no restrictions on the size of your pet. Some may also charge a larger pet deposit or monthly pet fee if the dog is over a certain size. This stems from the fact that some large breed dogs may be more likely to cause damage to the property than a smaller breed. 

Myth: Even if an apartment allows large dogs, they don't allow aggressive breeds. 

Certain dog breeds are often labeled as aggressive, which can pose a challenge during your search for an apartment. For example, you may have struggles if you have a Pit Bull because these dogs are often thought to be aggressive. Nevertheless, there are some apartment owners that have no qualms about any specific breeds. These may be advertised as a "no restriction dog breed apartment." Some apartments that allow aggressive dog breeds or have no restrictions in place about the animal's breed at all will have stipulations in place for tenants, such as stating the dog must be kept restrained at all times. 

Myth: Only luxury apartments allow large breed dogs. 

Luxury apartment complexes are actually sometimes more restrictive when it comes to pet ownership. The property often caters to tenants that have preferences about sharing their home life with neighbors who have dogs. However, there are luxury apartment owners that also specifically cater to tenants that own animals or larger-breed animals. Even though these properties can be harder to find, they do exist. Further, many will have on-site amenities that make dog ownership easier, such as a community dog park or in-house pet grooming services.  

For more information, contact local apartments that allow aggressive dog breeds.


4 May 2023

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