5 Signs Its Time To Move Your Business Out Of The House

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Many entrepreneurs start out working from their home, whether it be in a home office, the garage, or the kitchen table. But is it time to take your enterprise to a real leased office? Here are five signs to look for that may indicate the time has come. 

1. Your Dog is Zoom-Bombing. People have become more accustomed to video calls that include the family dog or cat, children wandering through, or noise from the gardeners outside. However, this isn't a very professional appearance, and it could hinder you from being taken seriously as a business. Solve that problem by moving to a real office or meeting room.

2. You Don't Feel Like a Business. When you work from the kitchen table or have to multitask watching the kids while working, you may not feel like a real business person doing real business. Small businesses are businesses, but owners may need to move them away from their personal life to fully bloom. 

3. You Need to Network. Networking is particularly hard for many who work from home. Videoconferencing, online activity, and phone calls only get you so far. Do you need to make more in-person contacts? Do you have meetings with clients, investors, lenders, and industry contacts? Then you may need a neutral, professional environment to do so.

4. You're Easily Distracted. Working from home can be distracting. You might find yourself doing the laundry, taking the dog for a walk, or playing with bored kids instead of working as well as you could. Combat distraction and retain your focus better by leasing even a small workspace to call your own. 

5. You're About to Take Off. When you start a business at home, you don't want to jump into an office lease too soon. But you don't want to wait too long either. Waiting too long means you may have to find an office and move in a rush when you're at your busiest. Instead, look for signs that things are making an upward trajectory and start researching the next size workspace before you desperately need it. 

Where to Start

Do you see one or more of these signs in your own work-life? Whatever the reason that you may need to move away from home, start by learning more about small office leases in your area. Today's entrepreneurs have more options than ever before to find the right workspace no matter how they work and what they create. Visit today to take a tour or find answers to your questions. For more information on office space for lease, contact a company near you.


28 June 2022

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