What Determines Commercial Real Estate Appraisals?

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Whenever you get involved in real estate, there's the appraisal of the property you need to take into account. Both residential and commercial real estate appraisals matter when it comes to making a final purchase, and an appraisal will be likely to change every year as the real estate market changes and the actual property goes up or down in value.

If you're buying commercial real estate, it's wise to know what goes into commercial real estate appraisals so you know what to expect when you put an offer on a property. If you're selling or refinancing commercial real estate, an appraisal is necessary here, too, because you can't finance more than your property is appraised at, or sell for more than this in many cases, either.

What determines commercial real estate appraisals? Learn more here.


In many cases, location is a key factor, if not the biggest one, in what a commercial property is worth. After all, the better a property's location, the more profitable the commercial building can be.

The location importance varies from property to property and what the building is to be used for, but the end appraisal result revolves around the same thing. If a commercial property is well-placed for success, it's going to appraise for more.


What does a commercial property come with regarding assets? Company vehicles? Commercial equipment or tools? Kitchen appliances? The more a commercial building comes with, the higher its appraisal value is, especially if the commercial property is being sold as what it was originally used for. For example, a commercial property being sold as a restaurant because it was most recently used as a restaurant may appraise higher than a commercial building being sold as a generic commercial building.


What condition commercial real estate is in will largely determine its overall worth in a current market. The way a building is cared for greatly affects its current and future worth, especially if there is a lot of work that needs to be done on the property to make it safe for use. A worn-down building in an otherwise nice location might not have a high appraisal value, but can be made to be worth more with a little work.

Commercial real estate has an appraisal system just like residential properties do, so it's wise to understand what make these appraisals what they are. This way, you can have a better understanding of what your owned property is worth or what to look for when investigating new commercial property to buy.


27 August 2021

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