Why You Should Consider Off-Campus Student Housing

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Going off to college is a wonderful adventure. However, it can also be incredibly expensive. This is particularly true if you decide to live on campus. Even worse yet, on-campus housing accommodations are often small and come riddled with rules. Those who wish to save money and have a better living experience with more freedom do have another option: off-campus student housing. These are homes, apartments, and other living situations designed specifically for students. However, they tend to operate under traditional leasing arrangements. And, while they may not be the right choice for everyone, they can prove to be a wonderful, advantageous solution for many students.

Build Credit and Rental History

Most of the time, when students live on campus, they do not sign a traditional renter's agreement. Thus, they do not establish a formal renter's history. They also do not build their credit the way they would with standard renting.

Many students, especially those who live on campus for their entire educations, find that they have a difficult time renting an apartment or home upon graduation. Instead, they get passed over in favor of renters with better credit and an established reputation. Off-campus, housing, on the other hand, provides students with a chance to start building both of these things. That way, they will already be well-established by the time they complete college and make further moves into the real world.

Avoid Distractions

Living on campus may be a lot of fun. But, for serious students, it's not always ideal. Campuses are rife with parties, social events, and more. Those might be enjoyable, but they don't facilitate studying, getting plenty of sleep, or focusing solely on academics. If you prefer to live somewhere without a lot of noise and that's free of distractions, then off-campus student housing may just be for you.

Benefit From More Space

While every campus is different, most offer miniscule, meager accommodations for those who live on-site. You may be relegated to a small, shared dorm room that is little more than a bed and a desk. Worse yet, you'll often pay top dollar for an uncomfortable living situation. Off-campus student housing, however, can provide you with a full home or part of a home all to yourself. You're likely to enjoy more privacy, more comfort, and more freedom in this type of situation.

Ultimately, students must decide, individually, what works best for them. But, for many students, renting an off-campus house is the best choice. Thus, carefully assess your options and your preferences to determine what's best for you. There's a good chance, though, that, if you're honest, leasing a home will be the wisest decision. To learn more, contact services like Horned Frog Leasing.


14 July 2021

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