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Finding land for a specific purpose requires both research and time. Some people are fortunate enough to know if a few places where large areas are set aside for agriculture. Working with a real estate professional is a good way to get help finding suitable acreage for purchase. Here are a few tips to help locate acreage for purchase.

Many enterprise business owners already have a defined line of products they would like to sell. The business model may be to sell produce or create marketable products from the produce grown. Due to recent changes in state laws legalizing hemp, many investors and business owners are searching for acreage suitable to grow cannabis and hemp. Wineries are servicing the newly increased demand to have high-quality wine delivered straight to their door. Acreage provides an individual or corporation that is zoned for their desired uses to have several options after.

Families may be looking to leave the busy pace of city life. Acreage provides the perfect opportunity to expand as time allows. Extended family may build homes on the acreage to have their land close to people they trust. Single-family homes with space for gardening and housing a few animals is a dream for city dwellers who once lived surrounded by concrete. The pandemic has people simply wanting to move away from highly populated areas. The ability to work from home and educate children through home school is releasing the need to stay in certain areas.

Work with the real estate professional to find acreage that will be used for business or personal use. Established agents may have connections to find private acreage that is for sale and not listed online. It may be important to be a certain number of miles from a city where supplies and groceries can be purchased. Looking at pictures and videos is online is a great way to see the local landscape. The footage taken may be from drone footage or taken by a prior owner.

Find out before building what zoning is in place by local officials for the acreage. The real estate agent will have time to research restrictions that already are in place. This information may state which homes or commercial buildings are allowed before construction. Land surveys can be requested to give a better picture of the features of the land and waterways on the acreage. Licenses and building permits can all be cleared prior to building on the acreage. Take action and make offers on acreage that will meet individual or corporate needs. 


7 December 2020

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