What Should You Consider In An Apartment Layout?

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When shopping for apartments, you likely give thought to important elements like the square footage of the unit and how convenient it is to shopping or your workplace. But what should you look for when it comes to the layout? Here are a few important considerations both for the public areas of the apartment and the private ones. 

Public Areas

The right layout for your home's public areas — places where you entertain and receive guests — depends on your style of entertaining. 

If you like to have large dinner parties, for instance, you may want an open floor plan where the living room, dining room, and kitchen flow into one another. This maximizes use of these spaces. If, on the other hand, your kids often have their friends over to play while you're doing other things, you may need more walls and other separation between the public rooms. 

You may also need to consider other major uses of public areas. A family might need a large living room for everyone to gather together. But many families don't fully utilize their dining room, so you might be willing to sacrifice space in this area. And if you need to use part of the home as a home office, you may want a layout that facilitates this by having a cubby you can use to avoid distractions. 

Private Areas

The private areas of your are primarily made up of bedrooms and bathrooms. Consideration for these is usually privacy. Families often prefer a layout that separates the master bedroom from the kids' rooms. Roommates and parents alike may also want to avoid a layout that places the bedrooms on a shared wall, increasing noise pollution. 

Access is another issue for private spaces. Most one-bedroom apartments, for example, have just one bathroom. You'll likely want a layout with a public entrance to this bathroom for use by guests. And if all the bedrooms are accessed via only one corridor, a busy family may find that everyone gets in each other's way too often. 

Where to Start

How can you find the right layout for your needs? Start by analyzing how you use each of your public and private rooms right now. This will give you a guide as to what's most important or least important. In addition, consider what you dislike about your current layout and what you'd like to see changed. You might even make a list to take as you tour apartments

Finding the right apartment is important no matter how long or how short your stay in it is. Learn more about layout options by touring apartments in your area today. 


28 November 2020

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