Help! Your Home Needs To Be Sold Now

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Sellers don't always have the relative luxury of waiting around when it comes to selling their home. Whether it's due to an unexpected move to a new city, a new job, or you just need to down-size your living situation, there are ways to cope with a fast sale. Read on for some tips on making sure your home hits the marketplace like a rocket and sells as fast as possible.

Sell Your Home "As Is"

You might be able to command higher offers if your home is in pristine condition, but there may be no time for that. Many sellers go the "as is" route when they need a quick sale and don't have time to so much as throw a coat of paint on the walls. Buyers, however, expect a bargain when the home has to have work done before they can occupy it. The more sprucing up you have time to do, the more money you can expect to get for it. If the home has issues, be sure to disclose the problems to your real estate agent. Don't wait for the buyer to experience a less-than-stellar home inspection report with no advance warning of issues.

Ask for a Cash Sale

Waiting for a buyer to get a mortgage approved can take up a lot of precious time. With a cash offer, you can close on the home in a matter of a couple of weeks or so if things go well. You might be surprised at the number of buyers who have ready cash but you may not be able to get the highest offers that way. Some buyers are known as "flippers" and they intend to do a lot of remodeling before they put your old home on the market for a lot more than they paid for it.

Use a Real Estate Agent

Not only do homes represented by an agent often sell for higher prices, but they also tend to be on the market a lot less time than for-sale-by-owner (FSBO) homes. Real estate agents do more than put photos of your home on a website and hope for the best. They know how to target the right buyer for your property, how to get your home ready to sell, how to price your home so it will sell quickly (but not for too little), and more.

You don't necessarily have to settle for less if you must sell quickly. Find a great agent that understands your need for speed and follow their advice. Speak to a real estate agent to find out more about how to sell your home.


10 November 2020

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