Forgotten Features To Look For In A Family Home

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When searching for a residential family home for sale, you, of course, remember to look for features such as multiple bathrooms, a large living room, and a fenced-in yard. However, these are not the only features a family needs in a home. Some home buyers realize, a month or two after moving their family into the new home, that they really should have looked for more. Here are four often-forgotten features you don't want to buy a family home without.

A Separate Laundry Room

When you're a single person or a couple, you can make do with a washer and dryer in the bathroom or foyer because you simply don't have that much laundry. Things change when you have a family. Laundry can pile up fast, and there are sure to be times you don't get to washing or folding it all. In such instances, you will really want to have a laundry room where you can put the dirty clothing, shut the door, and make sure guests don't see the mess.

Extra Closet Space

A closet in each bedroom and a big hall closet should be enough, right? Probably not if you have a family! Look for a home with extra closet space, or otherwise, you may struggle to store all of those winter coats and other outerwear. You do not want your bedroom turning into the extra closet because there's nowhere else to put things. More closets mean a tidier home.

An Eat-in Kitchen

A large kitchen is definitely ideal for families, but make sure the kitchen is not just big — it must also be set up so that your family can easily eat in it. This allows you to prepare meals while some kids eat and you observe them. If the kids have to be in a separate dining room or nook while eating, you'll spend half your morning walking back and forth to check on them in between toasting your own bagel and packing lunches.

Closed Stairs

A home with open stairs can be a hazard to little ones, who are likely to tumble down the stairs at some point. If you buy a two-story home, make sure the stairs are enclosed or that there is at least a convenient way to close them off.

To learn more about the best features to look for in a family home, talk to a real estate agent in your area.


21 October 2019

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