Preparing Your Home To Sell It When You're Near Broke

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If you are going to be selling your home, then you should go down the path that is going to help you achieve what you want. If you are like the majority of home sellers, the things on your list of wants may include a fast sale, as large of a sales amount as possible, and as little complaints from the buyer as possible so things go smoothly. While things like remodeling areas of the home and having the entire yard landscaped can help you achieve these things, you may not have a budget to take on all these improvements. This article will help you achieve your goals when money is an issue. Here are some of the most important things to do.

Fix glaring issues

Go around and spot those glaring issues that would bother you the most as a buyer. If you have paint coming off a wall, then paint that section with matching paint and clean the rest of the wall the best you can. If you have a piece of broken tile in the middle of the kitchen, have the closest matching tile put in to replace it. If you have a big hole in the carpet, have the hole fixed with matching carpet, even if you have to use carpet from the back of a closet.

Fix the yard up as best you can

Curb appeal is important, but a landscape redo may not be affordable for you. Therefore, you want to tend to the things you can. Keep the lawn mowed and be sure you water it regularly. Trim all the bushes down and give them a nice shape. Wash all the windows, the exterior walls, and the doors. Fix broken slats in the fence, clean the driveway, clean the walkways, and keep the porch clean and free of all clutter.

Fix important plumbing problems

While you may have older plumbing and noisy pipes, you may not be able to have everything fixed to bring the plumbing up to par with practically new plumbing. However, things like leaks under the sinks and broken faucets should be fixed. You can purchase faucets for cheap, as long as you replace the broken ones, this will be an improvement.

Stage the house well

It's better to stage the house with less furniture and have it look a bit bare, then to stage it with your very worn furniture. However, there are ways to add nice pieces in the house without spending much money, and they include things like buying at yard sales or thrift stores, or even borrowing furniture from family until the house sells.  

When you want to put up your property for sale, contact a realtor for assistance.


4 August 2019

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