The Top Reasons People Buy One-Story Homes Instead Of Two-Story Homes

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Some people are looking for a two-story home to buy, while others are looking for one-story homes. More people, though, generally tend to buy one-story houses than two-story homes, and here are some of the top reasons for this.

One-story homes are easier to heat and cool

One of the challenges people face with two-story homes is even heating and cooling. Because of the way hot air naturally rises, a two-story home will often be cold on the main floor during the winter, while the upstairs is really warm. In the summer, the upstairs might feel really hot while the main floor feels nice and cool. It is much harder to heat and cool a two-story home because of the natural forces of hot and cold air, and this is something to consider if you are thinking about buying a two-story house.

One-story homes are less noisy

A second reason a lot of people tend to shop for one-story homes is to have less noise. The sounds produced from people being upstairs can be loud and distracting to those who are on the main floor, especially if the upper floors are squeaky. If you are trying to watch TV on the main floor while people are upstairs walking around, showering, or listening to music, you might hear all the sounds from these activities, and they might be highly distracting. This problem is not usually a problem with single-story homes, simply because of the location of the bedrooms in relation to the main living space.

One-story homes do not have stair hazards

The other benefit of a one-story home is that you will not have the hazards that come with stairs. Stairs are an effective way to get to a second floor, but they are also dangerous. People could fall down the stairs, leaving them with injuries, and stairs can be a nuisance to climb each day to get to and from the upper level. A one-story home does not have this hazard, and this is why seniors and people with young kids often choose one-story houses.

There are times when two-story homes are better for people, though, but the choice is up to you. As you look for a house to buy, you may want to consider both options, just so that you can get a better idea as to which would be better for you. You can set up viewings for homes by talking to a real estate agent.

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29 April 2019

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