Things To Fully Examine When Buying An Older Home

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If you are looking at a house to buy that is around 30 years old or older, there are certain things you might want to examine that you would not need to examine so closely if you were purchasing a newer house. Newer homes are built in ways that are different from older homes, and fully examining any house you buy is always a good idea when looking at homes for sale. Here are three important things to examine if you're thinking of putting in an offer on a house that is at least 30 years old:

The electrical system

One feature that often has problems in older homes is the electrical system. While the system itself might be fine, you might notice that older homes do not have nearly as many outlets in the walls. A bedroom, for example, might have just two outlets. Today, a typical bedroom will have five or six outlets, simply because this is code. Another part of the electrical system that might be different in older houses is the lack of light fixtures in rooms. While the kitchen and bathrooms might have light fixtures, the other rooms might not. You would have to rely on getting lighting through the use of lamps if this is the case, or you could hire an electrician to put light fixtures in the rooms that do not have them.

The plumbing system

The plumbing system in older houses can also be different than what you will find in newer homes. For example, the pipes might be old and damaged from minerals in the water. You might also find that when the shower is on, using water from other fixtures affects the temperature and pressure of the water being used in the shower. You can test this by running the shower and flushing a toilet while it is running.

The other systems in the house

You should also fully examine the heating and cooling system in the house, as well as the hot water heater. If these systems have not been updated in the house, they will likely need to be updated in the near future, and this can be a costly repair bill to have.

As you shop for a house, it is always important to complete your due diligence by examining all the parts of the house. If you have questions about buying a house, you can learn more by talking to a real estate agent. Companies like Chris Calhoon Real Estate can offer more information.


20 March 2019

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