Buying Beachfront Property? Three Tips for First-Time Vacation Home Buyers

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A beach vacation is something that many American families dream of each year. Since the cost for hotel rooms and restaurant meals can really add up, purchasing a vacation beach house can be a very smart alternative. If you are interested in purchasing your first vacation home, the following tips can help make your search process easier and reward you with a more affordable purchase. 

Should you buy a single-family home or condo? 

The first decision that you must make when considering the purchase of beach-front property is whether to purchase a single-family home or a condominium. An important point to consider when making this initial decision is the level of management that will be needed for the property. 

If you are purchasing a beach-front home in a location close to your primary residence, you may be able to more easily manage the care and maintenance of a single-family home. However, if you live hundreds or thousands of miles away from where you want to purchase your vacation home, a condominium property can be a better choice, simply because you will have far less exterior maintenance responsibilities. 

How popular is the area with vacationers? 

Another consideration for first-time vacation home buyers who want the property to earn income when they are not using it is to get a good feeling for how popular the area is for tourism. If the location is known to be an excellent draw for incoming tourists, the chances of renting it out for an excellent rental amount is far greater than if the property is too secluded or too far away from convenient transportation systems. 

How will a potential vacationing tenant view the property? 

When viewing vacation beach front properties, be sure to look at them with both your family's needs and those of prospective tenants in mind. Attracting vacationers who are willing to pay top dollar for rent will require the property to offer convenience, as well as comfort. Other perks for beachfront real estate include ocean views and being within walking distance to the beach. 

Finding a vacation beach home that will allow you to more easily enjoy your time at the beach while also bringing in rental income during the months you are not using it can be difficult, especially if you are not familiar with the area. Opting to work with an experienced real estate professional who specializes in listing, selling, and managing vacation beach homes is an excellent way to maximize your search efforts and ensure that you find the best possible property to purchase. 


23 October 2018

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