5 Tips To Hiring A Realtor That No One Will Tell You

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Real estate is serious business. Buying a house is the single largest purchase the average person will make in his or her lifetime. You need a capable hand to guide you through the process, even if you've purchased 17 other houses. The legal waters can be rocky, and you need experience on your side. So, where do you find an agent with the knowledge and experience that you need?  

1. Look at Your Previous Transactions: Have you purchased a house before? Did you like that agent? Or, conversely, did you like the agent used by the other party? 17 percent of Americans use their agent for the next transaction. If the transaction ran smoothly, consider giving that real estate agent a call again. 

2. Don't Go to an Open House: A little-known fact in real estate is that houses are most often held open by brand new agents or licensed assistants. The thought process is that by holding houses open for other, more experienced agents, they will pick up a few phone numbers and emails of potential buyers, like you, and begin to build their own business. In general, experienced agents are out selling and do not have time to sit at an open house for four hours on a Sunday afternoon. 

3. It is OK to Ask Questions: You don't have to work with the first real estate agent you meet. Ask questions and see if they are a good fit for you. How long have they been in the business? How many listings do they currently have? How many sales have they closed in the last three months? 12 months? How do they communicate most frequently with clients? If you are all about texting and they don't even own a smartphone, it's probably not a good fit.

4. Don't Talk to the Listing Agent or the Model Home Sales Rep: The listing agent works exclusively for the best interests of the seller, their client. Likewise, a model home sales rep works exclusively for the builder.  Anything you say to them will be shared with the seller. Worse, if you talk to them first, before hiring a buyer's agent, you may unknowingly give up your rights to using a buyer's agent in the sale. 

5. Go with Your Gut: When you meet people -- whether they are co-workers, new friends, or even a potential date -- you sometimes get a good feeling about them. In real estate, you want an agent that listens to your concerns and really 'hears' what you are saying. If you feel that your potential agent is aloof, unavailable, or even rude, move on. There are plenty more fish in that real estate sea.

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12 October 2018

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