3 Important Things To Consider When Purchasing A Vacant Lot To Build Your Home On

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Now that you've decided to build a custom home on a piece of vacant land, you're probably excited to start your search for the perfect lots for sale. Here are a few important things that should be considered when choosing a vacant lot to purchase.

1. Has the Property Been Surveyed?

It's a good idea to find out whether a piece of land you're considering buying has been already been surveyed by a professional. If the property has not been surveyed, you won't know exactly where the property lines are and whether there are any easements in place. If the land has already been surveyed, you don't have to worry about spending time and money getting it done yourself.

But if the land you want to purchase has not already been surveyed, you can always have it done either before or after buying it. So as long as you're willing to spend the extra time and money to do so, having to survey the property yourself shouldn't stop you from buying it.

2. Has the Property Been Prepared?

You should also find out whether the property you consider buying has been already been prepared in some way and if so, how. Before you can build on the land, it will have to be bulldozed, and pipes and wires will have to be laid into the ground if you don't plan on living off the grid.

A leach field will have to be created, and your county may require that you grade the property before building a house on it. If any of these preparation steps have already been made, you can save quite a bit of money and time when it comes time to build your home. Even if the lot has only been flattened with a bulldozer, you'll be one step ahead of the game when you start your building project.

3. Where are the Neighbors Situated?

Before purchasing any piece of vacant land, it is important to determine exactly where the neighbors are already situated. If the houses on either side of the property you're considering buying are located near the property borders, you may end up living a lot closer to the neighbors than you want to once your home is built.

Knowing where all the buildings are located on neighboring properties will help you determine where you could build on the lot you'll be buying and how each building spot you consider will be affected by the neighbors. You may find that there isn't any place on the lot where you'd be comfortable building a home. In this case, you can save yourself some stress and frustration by passing on the lot and continuing your real estate search.


9 October 2018

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