Three Ways That You Can Be A Better Real Estate Agent

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If you're like most real estate agents who are recently new to the field, you really enjoy your career because no two days are alike, you get to meet a lot of different people, and the job keeps you tuned into your community. However, like other professionals, you may sometimes find yourself wondering which success strategies would be the most effective for your personal situation. You probably already know that the right kind of home staging creates an environment that entices prospective buyers to imagine themselves and their families living happily in the house, and you're undoubtedly aware that being available for last-minute showings most of the time gives agents an edge over their less-accommodating competition.  

Although everyone's career is different and there's no magic formula for achieving success, there are a few less-obvious ways that most real estate agents can increase their chances of making sales. Following are three of them. 

Host as Many Open Houses as Possible 

Hosting open houses not only provides a good opportunity to show individual homes to as many people as possible within a relatively short period of time, but it also increases the number of face-to-face contacts you have with those actively seeking to purchase a home. Those who attend open houses and feel that the home in question is not what they're looking for may nonetheless contact you to help them in their search for the right property. Hosting open houses also helps you gain first-hand familiarity with specific neighborhoods in your community and helps newer agents gain visibility. 

Develop a Positive Online Presence

Almost all consumers go online looking for information before making major purchases, which means that a positive online presence can go a long way toward getting you new customers. Make sure that your website as well as your social media accounts are polished and professional, and make a point of being active and engaged on online community venues. For instance, almost all cities and towns have community Facebook pages, and these pages are often visited by those seeking relocation information. They often ask questions about community amenities and activities, and you can make yourself their first point of contact by answering these questions. 

The majority of today's home buyers grew up with social media and use it for many aspects of life, including buying a house. Featuring videos of homes on your Facebook page is a great way to generate interest in your services, and don't forget about YouTube — posting YouTube videos of properties you've got listed will increase your ranking on search engines, making it easier for buyers to find you through an online search. You can also post about neighborhood events and amenities in various parts of your city to promote general interest and enthusiasm about your area. Use plenty of photographs, update your page frequently, and always engage with your contacts in a timely fashion. You can even use put geo-targeted ads on Facebook. 

Use Home Showing Feedback

Getting feedback after home showings and open houses helps pinpoint your individual strengths and weaknesses as a real estate agent as well as identifying possible obstacles to selling certain properties. Instead of a general feedback form, you should ask specific questions to reduce the amount of generic, vague responses. Possible questions include what the buyers think about the price of the home, how they see themselves living in the home if they were to buy it, what they like best and least about the home, and how it compares with other properties they've seen so far. You can use this information to correct issues that may be keeping the home from selling as quickly as you'd like. Contact companies like Pro Agent Solutions to learn more.


4 October 2018

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