Love To Golf? 4 Tips For Buying A Home That Fits Your Needs

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When you have a hobby that you love and intend on enjoying for many years, you may want to make it even easier to participate in after purchasing a home. If you love golf and are getting ready to buy a home, you may want to improve your golfing experience as a homeowner.

Country Club

A reliable way to gain quick and easy access to golfing is buying a home in or by a country club. This may give you an option of buying a golf cart and using it for the entire golf course. Living in the community may also provide you with access to golfing all year long. If you want to golf often and do not mind using the same course, you may want to prioritize country club living.

Golf Room

Another possibility for enjoying golf is finding a house that allows you to create a golf room. Since you will be using a real golf club and golf balls in this room, you will need a sizeable space that you can dedicate to a golf simulator. A long room with a tall ceiling is ideal because you will be able to properly distance yourself from the wall that the golf balls will be connecting with.

A ceiling that has an extra foot or two compared to normal ceiling heights will give you more flexibility in being able to try out all kinds of golf swings without hitting the ceiling.


Buying a property with a large backyard and the right layout will give you an opportunity to make a golf hole or even a driving range. This will allow you to practice without having to leave home. Consulting with landscaping professionals who are familiar with the area where you are buying is ideal because they can tell you what your property will need to set up a backyard driving range.

Golf Courses

Whether you want the ability to golf at home at any time, you may be determined to live in an area with numerous golf courses nearby. This means that you will want to analyze neighborhoods and determine the distance to local golf courses to figure out how far you must travel.

If you enjoy traveling to different places, you may even be comfortable with living close to a major airport where you can fly out to visit new golf courses on a regular basis.

Prioritizing these qualities will maximize your access and enjoyment of golfing as a homeowner. Speak to a local realtor for more help.


3 October 2018

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