2 Ways Pre-Listing Home Inspections Sell Homes Faster And For More Money

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Pre-listing home inspections are one of the most important components in any real estate transactions. Unfortunately, most home sellers overlook these home inspections. As long as these inspections are done properly, pre-listing inspections can allow sellers to gain a better and bigger picture of their property as a whole. The inspection can also allow the seller to repair any issues with the property before placing in on the market to sell or setting the asking price for the property.

Generally, professionals in the real estate industry recommend sellers performing a pre-listing home inspection to assist in the efficiency of the overall real estate transaction process and minimize potential surprises that could arise from said inspection. Keep reading to learn two key reasons you should consider a pre-listing inspection for your real estate property.

1. To Discover Any Potential Issues

A pre-listing inspection will offer sellers a clear picture of any current home-related issues. An inspector will make a list of any issues that he or she finds with the home. Then, the seller will be able to address and repair these issues prior to placing the property on the market or provide this list of issues to any potential buyers upfront. This provides the seller with two things: savings of time and money.

2. To Save Money

As a general rule, pre-listing inspections are the same price as a traditional home inspection. However, a pre-listing home inspection offers significant value. For example, rather than only have a few days to a week to repair problems after a home inspection performed by a buyer, a pre-listing inspection offers as much time as the seller wants to perform repairs to the home. There is essentially no time constraint between the time the inspection is completed and the time the home is put on the market.

In addition, since sellers are offering full disclose of the home upfront, including any repairs that have been made since the pre-listing home inspection, buyers are fully aware of the current state of the home. This minimizes the risk of buyers coming back and asking for money to be taken off of the initial asking price of the home.

As a seller, you need to remember that transparency is important in the real estate game. The more buyers trust you (and a pre-listing inspection can help with that), the faster your home will sell. Reach out to a real estate agent today for more information on how to sell a home fast for cash.


2 October 2018

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