Elevate Your Home's Curb Appeal To Pump Up Its Sales Price

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When a potential buyer and their real estate agent pull up in front of your home, they should both be wowed enough by its curb appeal to desire a further look.

While curb appeal alone won't sell your home, it must draw people in and make them want to tour the rest of the property. When done well, great curb appeal helps facilitate a quick home sale for a top-dollar price.

To elevate the curb appeal of your home and pump up its sales price, do each of these important things:

Paint or Replace the Front Door

Since people go in and out of your home's front door all day long, it has probably seen better days. Rather than scrubbing the paint, instead repaint the door with an eye-catching color. Then, once the door's new paint has dried, hang a seasonally-appropriate wreath on the door.

If you have a high-end luxury home or live in a neighborhood where solid-wood doors are the norm, then consider forking out some cash and replacing the door.

If a new solid wood door is above your price point, you can always purchase a used one. Look in local social media groups in your area and you may be able to find a low-cost or free one from someone who is remodeling their home.

Update the Front Porch's Light Fixture

As time moves along, the style of porch light fixtures changes. So one easy way to update your home's porch is to change out the old light fixture with a more modern or trendy option.

After you have updated the porch light, don't forget to install a nice bright bulb. This is important because potential buyers will drive by your home at night to check out the neighborhood so you want the porch to be bright and visible from the road.

Replace the House Numbers

One neat and inexpensive way to upgrade the curb appeal of your home is to take down the old metal house numbers and replace them with an updated version. Replacements made of wood, metal on wood, even neon are available at your local hardware stores as well as online.

When shopping, consider an updated font or a larger size to ensure that the new house numbers you choose can be easily seen from the road. This is very important so buyers can easily find your home, and it is also vital later on in the case of an emergency.


28 September 2018

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