Do You Plan To Retire In Your Next Home? 3 Tips To Find A House That Allows You To Age In Place

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When retirement is just a few short years away, every decision that you make must take your future into consideration. While searching for a new house always requires you to carefully weigh your options, it takes on greater importance when you know that you prefer to make it your forever home. The post-retirement years are a time of great change, and you must prepare for changes in your health or abilities that affect your living situation. As you explore real estate for sale, use these tips to find a house that helps you age in place gracefully.

Anticipate Your Needs

In the early years of your life, you may have needed a house that was close to work or big enough to raise a family. Now, however, your needs have likely changed, and you must think further ahead into the future to pick a house that will accommodate the changes that accompany aging. For instance, you may need a single story home to eliminate the need to climb stairs, or you may need a smaller house that is easier to keep clean. Prepare a list of must-haves that you can share with your real estate agent so that they can begin to guide you to the houses that best fit your preferences.

Consider the Proximity to Critical Locations

When you look at homes for sale, you should also explore the surrounding neighborhood. As you do, keep an eye out for things that will matter more to you as you age. For instance, you may need to be sure that your new house is located near a hospital or a medical plaza where you can keep up with your health care needs. Alternatively, you may prefer to live within walking distance of a grocery store to encourage you to stay active.

Choose a Versatile Floor Plan

Real estate today is often designed to fit multiple purposes, and even houses are built to suit people with changing lifestyles. During your home tours, look at each house with a critical eye to find a layout that can change as you age. For instance, a small room located near your sleeping area could be used as an office for now, but it may be perfect for if you need a live-in caregiver later in life.

After a lifetime of moving to new houses, there is something reassuring about finally settling into your forever home. While the process of picking out a new house can sometimes be stressful, you can make this a fun way to celebrate your retirement by planning to make your new house fit your needs for the future.


28 September 2018

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