Don't Make These Mistakes When Home Viewing

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Home viewing provides you with the opportunity to see firsthand the features and conditions of the real estate for sale in your area. However, the following mistakes can ruin your experience and reduce the benefits of home viewing:

Being Late

There are two main reasons why it's bad to be late for a showing. First, it's a waste of everybody's time including the seller and the agent since they obviously made time for the appointment, maybe even at the expense of other engagements. Secondly, you won't get time to view the house as properly as you would have done if you had arrived on time. Therefore, make the viewing appointment at a time that you are sure you will be available.

Breaking or Damaging Things

Another dangerous thing you can do during a viewing is to break something either intentionally or accidentally. For example, ripping up the carpet so that you can see the flooring material underneath is a recipe for disaster. Touching the personal items of the seller, such as their artwork, and breaking them is another example of a disaster during home viewing.

Bringing Your Dog Along

Your pet may be a good friend on other occasions, but they are not the type of friend you want to bring to a house viewing. Most dogs get jittery in new environments, and they may refuse to calm down even if they are usually the epitome of calmness. For example, they may pee all over the house, chew the seller's toys or furniture or chase other pets in the house. You may even find that the seller is allergic to dogs and end up leaving them with a serious allergic reaction.

 Asking Irrelevant Questions

Asking questions during viewing is a good idea, this is how you get to know more about the house and uncover things you cannot discover merely by looking around. However, there is a limit to the nature of the questions you can ask. For example, you should not delve into personal or controversial topics. There is no use asking the seller, for example, about their religious beliefs or their political leanings; you can easily alienate yourself from them that way.

Using the Bathroom

Lastly, it's also a bad idea to use the bathroom when viewing a house. Many people consider the bathroom a very private place and don't like sharing their bathrooms with strangers. Not only that, but something can go wrong and leave you embarrassed. What if the toilet leaks or fails to flush? Only use the bathroom in case of an emergency – for example, if you have a medical problem that necessitates constant bathroom breaks. Even then, get the homeowner's permission first before heading to the bathroom.


26 September 2018

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