3 Tips For Preventing And Eliminating Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are a pest that is well-known for being difficult to eliminate. The best way to exterminate bed bugs is to prevent them from entering your home. Once they take up residence, you typically need a professional bed bug exterminator to stop the infestation.

Avoid Bringing Them Home

Most people do not think about bed bugs until they are inside their home. It is important to remain vigilant and use common practices to avoid bringing them into your residence. Although you can pick up bed bugs from virtually anywhere, you are more likely to pick them up at places where you stay for an extended time, such as hotels. When you stay at a hotel, keep your luggage on the table instead of storing it in the dressers provided. If you must lie under the covers of the hotel bed, you want to check the mattress and box spring thoroughly before you lie down. As an alternative, you are better off lying on top of the blankets to add an extra barrier between you and the mattress, which is commonly where bed bugs like to hide. Before you check out, be as thorough as possible inspecting your luggage, and do it again before you bring items inside your home.

Know Signs of Bed Bugs

It is easy to confuse bed bug bites with bites from any number of insects. If you notice mysterious bites, start looking around your bed and other furniture for signs of bed bugs. Sometimes, you might see them at night if you use a flashlight to investigate your mattress and box spring. Generally, bed bugs will leave evidence of their existence on your mattress. You might see excrement and blood, which may appear as brown or reddish-brown stains on your mattress, bedding, and clothing. Unfortunately, bed bugs are not confined to your bed. They may live in other furniture throughout your home, such as the sofa or drawers. Even if you are uncertain whether you have bed bugs, it is best to call a professional to make the determination.

Use Professional Extermination

There are plenty of strategies to help eliminate bed bugs yourself, but it is best left to the professionals. Since bed bugs are difficult to eliminate, treating the problem yourself can be a waste of time and effort, only to end up with a bigger infestation to eliminate. Usually, an exterminator will want you to use mattress protectors that help seal off the box spring and mattress of your bed. This way, any bed bugs trapped inside will eventually die. The exterminator will also treat your residence to kill bed bugs throughout the house. They will also make suggestions for killing bed bugs that might exist on clothing, bedding, or toys. You will need to wash and dry items on the hottest setting possible. For items you cannot wash, they must be sealed in plastic for an extended period to kill any bed bugs. If the infestation is especially bad and recurrent, you may need multiple treatments to eliminate the problem.

Unfortunately, once bed bugs take up residence in your home, they are hard to eliminate without professional help. Remaining vigilant when staying in hotels and checking your belongings when you return home is the best way to prevent your next vacation from turning into a nightmare.


26 September 2018

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