3 Ways To Get Creative With Your Real Estate Listing

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When selling your home, one thing that is a necessity before it is listed on the real estate market is the real estate listing. This is one of the places where many potential buyers will find out more information about your home and decide if they want to schedule a tour to see it in person. Instead of filling out the basic information, here are some ways you can get creative with your listing.

1. Create a Video Tour

While photos are an easy way to showcase each room, you may be able to give buyers a more accurate idea of what the layout of your home is like with a video tour. The good news is that anybody can put together a video tour with some well shot video on their cell phone.

Start with an exterior shot of your home before walking through the front door. Capture your home by walking through each room and show off the flow of the home. Stay away from doing any narration, since it can make the video feel a bit cheesy. Just make sure to capture your video when the natural lighting is the best, and open up all your blinds and curtains to let it in. This will really put your home in the best light for video, no pun intended. If you own a drone, you can even get some nice aerial photos of your home that will really make your video memorable.

2. Take 360 Degree Photos

A new photography technique that can help your listing stand out is to use 360-degree photos. These photos require a special camera that you place in the middle of each room, and the viewer can spin around the room to see all of the angles. If they are on their smart phone, they can even use the accelerometer to spin around in their chair and get a more realistic experience.

3. Include Photos of the Local Area

Many people showcase their home in their real estate listing, but the surrounding area can be just as important. Be sure to include a photo of your neighborhood, which means snapping a shot of a nearby park that is in walking distance, or maybe the beautiful view down the street. Anything that can make your neighborhood feel more welcoming can go a long way to attract potential buyers.

Speak to your agent about more creative ways you can improve your real estate listings.


25 September 2018

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