Want Great Home Security? 4 Features To Prioritize When Buying A Turnkey Property

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When you buy a fixer-upper property, you will have plenty of opportunities to improve security for the home with additions and replacements. But you may be interested in buying a turnkey house that allows you to move in with exceptional security features already implemented.

Prioritizing a neighborhood with low crime rates will make you feel confident about the safety of the home that you buy, but you may still want several features that provide reliable security.

Home Automation

One feature that can benefit you in many ways, especially with security, is home automation. A thorough home automation system will allow you to lock and unlock your entry doors at any time. This means that even if you forget to lock the door when you leave the house, you can look at an app on your smartphone to see whether the door is locked and then lock it if it is unlocked.

Home automation can even connect to the lights throughout your house. When you know that you will be gone for a few hours, most of the day, or even several days, you can create a schedule for lights to turn on and off in various rooms to make it look like someone is at home. Buying a turnkey home with these home automation features will provide you with great home security.

Security System

Along with enjoying preventive measures that keep burglars away, you may want to prioritize a home security system while house hunting. All you may need to do is sign up for 24/7 monitoring with a security company to enjoy all the benefits that you get with the security installation.

Front Door

An important part of your home to protect is the front door. While home automation will provide a lot of security, you should also demand a front door with reinforced hardware. This will make it extremely challenging for a burglar to break down the door to gain access to your home.


When your property is fenced, you make it hard for people to reach your home. A fence that surrounds the entire property is ideal because you will restrict easy access completely. To maximize protection, you will want to get a driveway gate as it will provide reliable security.

If you want to restrict vision, you should prioritize solid fences. However, you will have an easier time keeping an eye on what happens outside your property when you do not have a solid fence. This gives you the opportunity to pick what type of security you prefer having for your property.

When you are looking for real estate for sale, buying a turnkey home with these features will make you feel great about home security.


19 September 2018

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