The Luxury Home Seller's Checklist

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As you might imagine, selling a luxury home is a bit different than selling a smaller family home. To make sure you get the best price for your property when it sells, you must work with these differences rather than against them. Therefore, if the time has come to list your luxury home for sale and cash out your profits, then this checklist will ensure the process goes smoothly:

Clean Your Home Until it Passes the White Glove Test

When a buyer walks into a luxury home, they expect a very high level of cleanliness and perfection. It is safe to assume every other home they have toured was so impeccably clean they could eat off of the floors. For this reason, your home must be sparkling clean -- from the crystals on the chandelier hanging in the dining room to the baseboards along the floors. 

Ensure Your Home's Curb Appeal is Impressive

Buyers of high-end homes expect to be wowed from the moment they pull up to the property. This starts with the wrought-iron gates or long driveway and goes all the way through the landscaping to the front porch. 

Ask a friend or relative who hasn't been to your home in a long time to stop by and give you their honest opinion on the curb appeal of your home when compared to the other large estates in your area. Use their feedback to improve the curb appeal of your home before listing it for sale. 

Professionally Stage Your Home for Maximum Buyer Impact

Larger homes require staging. Yes, it is an added expense of selling your home. However, the money is very well spent because it will net you a higher sales price in the end when your home sells.

Staging shows your buyers how to use each room, and you should also stage a luxury home in such a way that buyers can envision themselves using those spaces. For example, your large dining room table should be set with your fine china and fresh cut flower centerpieces, to show buyers how amazing the room will look to their own guests when they host a dinner party.  

Bring an Experienced Agent Onboard to Get Your Luxury Property Sold Quickly

The final step to get your luxury home sold is bringing onboard an experienced real estate agent or broker familiar with the local area and highly skilled at selling this type of property. Brokers and agents experienced with this type of sale know all of the industry ins and outs to make the process go smoothly and get your home sold.  


18 September 2018

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