Tips For Selling Your Home If You Have Pets In Your Household

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It's a well-known real estate industry fact that many home buyers don't like pets and won't consider putting an offer in on a home where they live. Even other pet owners may be turned off by the sight of your pet snake, smells emanating from your cat box, or finding dog waste landmines in the backyard. In fact, this is one of the most common issues pointed out by real estate agents.

Thankfully, there are many things you can do to keep your pets from getting in the way of selling your home for its top price, including following these tips:

Tip: Be Obsessive About Removing Pet Waste

Whether you have cats who use a litter box, a puppy using indoor pads, or large outdoor dogs eliminating in the backyard, it is vital you remove all signs of pet waste before buyers visit your home. Litter boxes should be removed from the house, puppy pads should be stored in the back of a cupboard, and your pooper-scooper should be stored out of sight. And, it goes without saying that all waste must be cleaned up and placed in an outdoor trash container where buyers can't see it or smell it.

Tip: Vacuum, Vacuum, and then Vacuum Again

If you have cats or dogs who shed hair, then one trip around the house with your vacuum or broom isn't adequate to remove all of it. As you sweep or vacuum, the hair floats around and invariably you finish, look down, and there is more hair.

To prevent your buyers finding pet hair laying on your carpets or solid-surface flooring materials, vacuum your house and then do it again.

After your second trip, wrap a piece of tape around your hand with its sticky side out and pat your carpet. Is there hair stuck to the tape? If so, keep vacuuming until no hair shows.

Tip: Ask a Friend or Relative to Visit and Smell Your Home

Pets cause all sorts of different odors in homes that will turn off prospective buyers. And, since you smell your home all the time you become immune to how it smells to other people.

Ask a friend or relative you trust to tell you the truth to stop by and smell your home. Does it smell like your pet? If so, then deep clean and apply an odor removal product and have them come back and sniff again until there are no more pet odors.

Tip: Consider Relocating Your Pets During the Home Sale

Finally, while you may not want to hear this piece of advice, your real estate agent really wishes you would agree to simply relocate your pet while your home is listed for sale. Temporarily relocating your pet solves the logistical issues of where to put your pet when potential buyers tour who don't like pets.


17 September 2018

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