Buying Your First Ranch

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Buying a ranch property can be an excellent investment, and it may also be a dream come true for many people. However, buying and owning a ranch will be unique when compared to other types of property, which will make it important for you to be aware of these issues and considerations.

Ensure The Property Has A Clean Source Of Water

If you will be raising animals on your ranch, you will need to have access to a clean source of water. Otherwise, you will find that your water usage costs will be extremely high. Furthermore, periods of water restrictions may prove to be devastating to your ranch. By choosing a ranch with access to a lake, stream, or river, you will be able to economically meet the water needs of your ranch.

Consider The Preparation Needed For The Property To Be Made Usable

Many ranches will need to have extensive work done to prepare the property for raising animals. For example, you may need to clear sizable amounts of brush or trees in order to create enough grazing space. Any of the potential modifications or changes that you anticipate needing should be recorded in your notes of the listing along with a rough estimation of the costs that will be involved with making these changes.

Prepare A Business Plan For The Ranch

For those that are planning on using their ranch for commercial purposes, it will be necessary to create a business plan for the property. This should include the revenue sources for the ranch, the administrative and maintenance costs for the property as well as any labor. These factors should be considered prior to buying the ranch so that you will be able to also include the estimated mortgage expenses. While you may need to make modifications to this plan in response to issues that arise with your property, it can be a valuable roadmap to help guide your decisions.

Be Aware Of The Local Hazards

Your ranch will likely encompass a very large area, and this can expose it to a range of potential natural hazards. A common example of this will be wildfires and floods. Once you have identified the likely threats to the ranch, you will be better able to determine whether the risk is worth the investment for the particular lot as well as the types of insurance that you will need to have to protect yourself from the financial costs that can arise from these hazards.


14 September 2018

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