Real Estate Sellers Agent Services: More Than Just Selling

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When you think of real estate sellers agent services, the first thing that probably comes to mind are people who sell real estate and houses. However, there are a lot of other services provided by real estate agents. The following provides a much broader panoramic snapshot of what these professionals do every day.

They Are Photographers

Real estate agent services take pictures of homes for sale, and they take many pictures of interiors and special features of properties. These are all promotional and marketing shots that can be used online, in newspapers, and in informational flyers. It is in their best interest to take the best shots possible, or no buyer is going to want to view the house.

They Are Master Listing Agents

Do you know how many online real estate sites there are? While you could probably count twenty that you know of, the real estate agent knows even more. They spend countless hours posting a single home for sale on all of those sites just to snag a few interested buyers. They know exactly what to say in the ads, how to say it, and how to present your home in photographic glory. They do all of this over and over again, making them masters at it over time.

They Are Interior Decorators

To sell your home, a lot of real estate agents will host open house sessions and "stage" your home in a way that makes it look incredible. All of the furniture, decorations, and accessories are borrowed from local home decor stores, and the items borrowed are returned after the open house. In order to achieve that eye-popping "wow" factor that buyers are after, real estate agents have to become temporary interior decorators.

They Are Very Determined Professionals

Many real estate agents do not punch a clock. They are so determined to make a sale that they will often work nights and/or weekends. That is a good thing when you want to sell your home quickly.

They Are Buyers, Too

If you need to sell your home fast, or you need to relocate, some real estate agents will buy your home from you. Then they work to sell your home on their own time. Sometimes they will make deals with you to split any profits that go above what they paid you, or they promise to buy your home from you if they do not or cannot sell by a specific date.


12 September 2018

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