Pros And Cons Of Urban Neighborhood Houses Compared To Country Homes

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You've been saving, arranging your finances, and considering your options. It sounds like you are well on your way to buying your very first home. However, there is one little quandary that rolls around in your mind: when looking at houses for sale, is it better to buy a home in an urban neighborhood, or should you go for a country home? In a lot of cities across the country, you will have both options while you shop because there is a more urban setting in the city center and rural settings around the outskirts. Here's a look at a few pros and cons of buying a home in an urban area. 

Pro: Urban homes offer convenience. 

Closer proximity to school, work, and even the grocery store; access to downtown amenities; utility; availability—all of these are reasons that homes in an urban or city location tend to bring a lot of convenience to the table. If you choose a home in the country, you are more than likely going to have to drive farther during a commute, your kids may have to ride the bus longer to get to school, and going to the store for a gallon of milk may be a long drive. Additionally, there tend to be more available utility options in an urban area, such as gas, electric, water, or phone. 

Con: Urban homes lack privacy. 

When you buy a house in an urban location, there is a higher likelihood that the house will have close neighbors and roadways closer to the home itself. For a lot of homeowners, the lack of privacy can be a major downside. Houses in rural locations tend to be spaced farther apart, and oftentimes rural homes come with more land. Therefore, a country setting can be much more private. 

Pro: Urban houses are sometimes less expensive than country homes.

Depending on where you are buying a home, the houses in the country can be a little more expensive because there are fewer of them available and they have more acreage with them. If that's the case, you can oftentimes get a home in the city for a cheaper price than what you could in a rural setting. Also, the houses in the city are usually smaller, which can keep the prices low. However, this rule does not always apply; sometimes, the houses in the urban city areas are in higher demand so they come with a higher price tag. 


12 September 2018

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