Other Than Price: 3 Considerations To Help You Make The Best Possible Home Purchase

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Price is usually one of the most important factors buyers use when looking at single family homes for sale. But price alone is rarely a good reason to choose one house over another. If you are searching for your family's next home, you can help to ensure that it will be the best possible match for their needs and comfort by using the following three considerations instead of just the list price. 

The location is always important 

Buyers should always first consider the location of the home. Instead of shopping in a specific price range in a large area, buyers should instead begin with a specific neighborhood or area in mind that will best fit their needs for the foreseeable future. 

Suggestions for doing this include the following: 

  • searching for available homes in an area that is within an easy walk or drive to a favorite school or church
  • searching for available homes that are within an easy commute to each parent's place of work
  • searching for available homes in an area where friends or family members already live

By searching first for an area that is located comfortably near work, school, church, friends, or family, there will be more opportunities for buyers to quickly settle in and build a comfortable home and social life. 

The layout of the home must fit 

The design and layout of the home is the next consideration that should be considered in addition to price. When looking at any home for sale, consider the physical abilities of each family member and the housing needs of the entire family to help guide the selection. 

For example, families that include someone with a mobility issue will want to avoid homes with stairs, sprawling layouts, or awkward exterior terrain problems. Additionally, families with young children may want to select a home where the bedrooms are all in one area, instead of having them on different floors of the home. 

The basic features of the home must fit

The last of three considerations that families should consider before narrowing the selection by price is the basic features of the home and whether they will fit their current needs.

For instance, families that enjoy having dinner together will want to make sure the kitchen and dining rooms are roomy enough to do so. The number of bathrooms, parking spaces, and amount and type of living areas are also important. If a family member works from home frequently, make sure there is a space for a dedicated office. 

Before looking at any single family homes for sale, prospective buyers should always take time to discuss their situation and their expected housing needs with their real estate professional. Doing this will help ensure that the home they purchase will be comfortable for both their family and their housing budget. 


12 September 2018

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