What To Know When Renting A Home

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When you are looking into renting real estate homes, you want to know what is your responsibility and when you should be turning to your property management company. The first thing you want to understand is that some of the rules regarding what you need to care for may be in your lease. However, it is also important to know that just because something is in the lease you signed doesn't mean that you have to follow it if these rules or requirements go against the rental laws in your state. For example, you may sign a lease that says you are responsible for plumbing issues. However, it will be up to your landlord to ensure you are in a safe and healthy living environment, so do call them with plumbing emergencies and they will be responsible for caring for them. Here are some of the other things you should realize about caring for your rental:

Make sure you are changing filters as needed

Things like the filters in your air conditioner and your drier will be on you to take care of. If you don't take care of the filters it can cause things like the air conditioning system and the drier to end up with mechanical issues. It is up to the landlord to take care of maintenance issues under normal circumstances. However, when those issues are caused by your own neglect, then you can end up being held responsible for the repair or replacement.

You are responsible for cleaning

You want to make sure you stay on top of all of the cleaning of the inside and the outside of the unit that you are renting. When you move, you will be able to get back your security deposit as long as the only changes to the unit are due to regular wear and tear. If you are neglecting any areas, even ones hidden around the property where they are hard to take care of them, then getting those areas back up to the condition they were in when you first rented the unit can be taken out of your security deposit.

The landlord is responsible for making sure your rental is safe and healthy

Anytime you have something wrong with the unit as far as the electrical, the plumbing, the roofing, or anything else at all that needs repairing, then you are going to want to make a call to the landlord so they can have someone come out to repair those things. You should not try to make any types of repairs on your own because you can be held responsible for accidental damages caused by you not taking care of them correctly.


11 September 2018

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