4 Things A Packing Services Company Can Do To Make A Short-Distance Move Easier


Whether you are moving to the other side of town or just a few blocks away, you need to consider using professional packing services. There are many things that packers can do for you that will make your move easier. The following are just a few of the notable advantages to using this valuable service.

1. Professional packing services provide both speed and quality 

When you have all of the packing done by professional packers, your items will be packed properly and packed with the proper materials. Because they do this work for a living, they can get the job done faster and done to a high standard. There is less of a chance that you will have items damaged in transit when you hire professionals rather than when you pack everything yourself.

2. Professional packers organize everything efficiently

When you use a packing service, all of the boxes will be organized and labeled. You can let the packers know how the boxes should be labeled by location. Some things are obvious such as the kitchen and living room, but you can specify how bedrooms should be labeled. This way, when the movers unload the truck, everything can be placed in the proper location to make unpacking easier.

Also, if you are downsizing your residence and will be moving some of your belongings to a storage facility, these boxes can be organized separately, and the movers can make a trip to your storage facility before or after unloading at your new residence.

3. Some packing services offer unpacking

You should inquire about this at the time you request a quote. You will likely be charged extra, but it may be worth the money. It always takes time to settle in after a move, but if you have the unpacking done for you, you will feel at home all sooner. Keep in mind that it is often possible to have certain things unpacked. For example, you can have your kitchen items unpacked. This will save time, and kitchen items are useful and needed right away.

4. A full service moving company will both pack and move you

You may also want to consider using a full service moving company. In addition to the packing services listed above, they will also physically move everything, loading everything at your current residence and unloading everything at your new place. Both the packing and moving will be coordinated, so everything is done efficiently.

One thing that you will need to keep in mind is that not everything will be packed and moved. There are certain items, chemicals for example, that you will need to take care of yourself. Each packing and moving company will have different policies, so you will need to ask for a list during the time of the quotation.


29 August 2018

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