Looking at Condos? 3 Reasons to Prioritize Upper Floor Units

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Analyzing single-family homes will reveal major differences in size, rooms, and features. While condos often share these differences, you may notice that the location of a unit also has a tremendous impact on the look, feel, and sounds of your home. Consider prioritizing condo units on upper floors because they can provide numerous advantages that you may find worthwhile.

Natural Lighting

Single-family homes have windows on every side of the house, making it easy to get natural lighting. However, you will have a more difficult time getting natural light in a condo because it only comes from one or two sides. To maximize natural light gain, you want to minimize or eliminate the obstacles that block the sun from your windows and balcony door.

Low-level units are more likely to face obstacles such as bushes, fences, trees, and buildings. All you need is a condo several stories high to keep bushes and fences from becoming a problem. Pick an upper unit in a mid-rise or high-rise building, and most trees will not get in the way.


While not all bugs are bad, you may not want them crawling around in your condo. Living on the ground floor increases your chances of insect problems. Bugs can find their way into condos at any time, but they may try especially hard to seek shelter after it rains or snows. Being on an upper floor does not make your condo immune to bugs, but it will keep you from seeing them regularly.


Some people are comfortable living in a place with a lot of outside noise from people, vehicles, and animals. However, you may prefer the idea of living in a quiet condo. Living at the top of a tall building will eliminate most everyday traffic noise.

A great way to learn about how much noise you will hear is by going on an in-person tour of each condo that you are interested in. Then, open the windows all the way and wait there for a few minutes to see what kind of sounds you hear. You can even bring a friend or relative that can stay down to ground level and gradually raise their voice until you are able to hear them.

After finding a list of condos that meet your needs, you may want to narrow things down further. Prioritizing upper-floor units will allow you to enjoy these incredible benefits. For more information, contact a local real estate agent near you to learn more.


12 August 2021

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