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When you are ready to buy a home, consider the process seriously and determine how you can be most successful with the help of a trained real estate professional to help you. Going through the process on your own is possible, but you won't be aware of problems or hazards along the way, and your home-buying experience may be limited. Here are some helpful tips about your upcoming home purchase and how your real estate agent can help you be successful.

Find a Real Estate Agent Early On

When you are considering buying a home, you should start looking early for a real estate agent to help you through the process from the very start. It is good to have a real estate agent working with you as you start evaluating your budget, looking for a mortgage broker, and starting the actual home search. 

However, not all real estate agents have the same experience level or expertise. Some real estate agents have been in the business for decades with thousands of real estate transactions under their belt, while others have only a few years of experience. And some real estate agents have taken additional training and education to give them more knowledge on working with buyers or sellers, selling waterfront properties, or working with commercial real estate. So, look for the right real estate agent that has a great deal of experience who will be ready to help you through any type of problem during your search and home purchase.

Evaluate the Home Market

By viewing online listings and driving through neighborhoods in your area, you can get a good idea of what price homes are listed for in the local market. However, these list prices may not be what the homes are actually worth. A home's true value is determined by figuring out how much a buyer is willing to pay for it. So, if there are a number of homes for sale all within the same neighborhood, the increase of home inventory can pull their values down a bit. However, if there are few homes for sale and they are being bid on by multiple buyers, that will increase their value. 

Be sure that you don't take how much homes are listed for at face value and think that this means it is their true value. Work with your real estate agent to complete a market evaluation on home prices and look at historical data. This means that you can look at how much homes have sold for in the past month in an area to find out their real value. Your real estate agent will help you search for homes that are similar in size, age, style, and location so you can establish a true home value, which will help you when you want to make an offer to purchase a home.

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28 July 2021

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